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Business Information (diploma & degree)

Government open data portals

Search open data portals at all levels of Canadian Government:




Search data portals from  international (intergovernmental) organizations: 

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD):

United Nations: 

World Bank:

United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) 

Search this registry of data portals to find other repositories that may have information of interest:

Demographic data

Data search engines

Data search engines search the web specifically for datasets (note - evaluate results carefully to make sure you can find and trust the original source of the data):

Data from organizations and associations

Various organizations in Canada conduct research and make their data available via their websites. There are a few such organizations listed below. You can also try searching Google for an association/organization website to see if they have a page for research and data.

Statistics Canada mapping tools

Understanding StatsCan geography levels:

Statistics Canada collects and presents census information at different geographic levels (ex: country, province, city, census tract...). Here is a hierarchy of census geographical units that shows the different levels.

Another useful tool for understanding how Statistics Canada geography works is their geographic Illustrated Glossary that explains Statistics Canada geographical units and terms in more accessible language.

GeoSearch and GeoSuite

Census Reference Maps 

Reference maps show boundaries and codes for geographical hierarchy. These codes can then be used to find data on a specific geographic location.

Mapping prezi