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Business Information (diploma & degree)

Library Skills Modules

These interactive modules will teach you to navigate the wild world of popular and scholarly information. Each module takes between 15-25 minutes. You can do one or do them all, and you can do them in any order. Click their titles to open a new tab and check them out. 


Exploring your topic

If you've ever gotten a research assignment and been unsure where to begin, this is the module for you!


Evaluating your sources

Do you ever wonder if something you see on the internet is trustworthy or not? Check out this module for concrete strategies for debunking fake news and recognizing credible sources to use. 


Searching as exploration

Searching becomes a lot more fun when you see it like exploration and discovery. In this module, you'll explore multiple places to search, how to search, and what to search for.


Being a credible scholar 

Understanding academic integrity and plagiarism, feeling comfortable citing your sources in APA, and joining in the scholarly conversation is what this module is all about. Try it for citation practice and tips to avoid plagiarism.

Putting it in writing

Learn to quote, paraphrase, summarize, and synthesize so that your ideas and sources shine. 

COMM1101 worksheets

Part 1 - This worksheet will guide you through finding credible resources on your research topic:
Part 2 - Now practice citing a scholarly article. 
First, open up this scholarly article - Future decreases in freezing days across America. 
Then open up this worksheet and practice your citation skills: 

Feedback time!


Citation practice 

Go to the article "Understanding local food shopping: Unpacking the ethical dimension." 
Use the article to fill in the following citation worksheet: