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Business Information (diploma & degree)

Find legal documents (Canada, Alberta, International)

Citing CanLII documents:
See the citation section at the end of this guide for information on properly citing information from CanLII.

LexisNexis library database - Find US legal documents

The LexisNexis database that the Library subscribes to is your best source for accessing legislation and cases from the United States. LexisNexis also contains Canadian and International legal content. 

You will need to login with your NAIT portal ID and password.

Look through the slides below to find out how to access legal documents in LexisNexis:


Citing legal documents

APA citation style suggests that when it comes to citing legal materials, it is best to follow a legal citation format rather than trying to fit legislation into traditional APA format (APA publication manual 2010, p. 216).

Use this legal citation guide from Douglas College to format your legal citations.

Citing CanLII:

Legal documents on CanLII have their own suggested citations. Don't use them - make sure you follow the Douglas College guide rather than copy and paste the citations from CanLII. Click through the presentation below for an example of how to cite a CanLII case.