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Makerspace: Policy & Rules

General Policies

Use of the NAIT Library Makerspace requires that you abide by the following guidelines:

  • Users of the following equipment must complete all necessary certification training prior to use: 3D printers, CNC mills, laser engravers, vinyl cutters.
  • The above equipment may only be used for lawful purposes and in compliance with all NAIT policies and regulations.
  • It is prohibited to use the NAIT Library Makerspace to create objects or material components in violation of local, provincial or federal laws, or in violation of intellectual property or proprietary rights.
  • Users may not print or create unsafe, obscene, harmful, dangerous, or otherwise inappropriate components.

Only current NAIT students and staff with an active ID are eligible to use the Makerspace. 

The NAIT Library Makerspace is not responsible for anything left behind in the Makerspace after you use it. NAIT Makerspace is not responsible for damage to personal computers, or for the loss of data or information, nor for the liability that occurs from the use of the library’s internet connection, library software, or hardware.


The Makerspace computers are unlike most student-accessible desktops on campus: to maximize your creative work, full administrative rights are enabled on Makerspace PCs and Macs. This means you can download and install any necessary project software. It also means that each computer is reset every night, and no user files will be carried over. We strongly recommend frequently saving your work on USB or in the cloud, as recovery in the event of a shutdown may be impossible.

Computers must be logged in by a NAIT library staff member. Check in at the library service desk for access.

Makerspace computers are intended for Makerspace use, and most of them are also used to run the specialized equipment in the rooms. Much of the specialized Makerspace software is also available on all computers available in the main library space, so if another Makerspace user is ready to start a job on our equipment and you are still in the design phase, you may be asked to move temporarily to another computer. Please do not monopolize the computers, particularly during periods of heavy use. We encourage you to check out a laptop if you're looking to Facebook or watch YouTube videos.

You are responsible for understanding and respecting NAIT's Guideline ITM.1.2 - Acceptable Use of NAIT’s Technology Resources (pdf). Due to the nature of the space, Makerspace computers are an exception to 3.1.6 in Guideline ITM.1.2.

General Safety Rules

  • Some equipment requires specific safety rules for usage. Safety sheets for specific equipment are available Makerspace computer desktops, and are linked from the Makerspace guides. Please read before using unfamiliar equipment.
  • Adhere to the following dress code:
    • FOOTWEAR No open-toed shoes.
    • CLOTHING AND JEWELRY Nothing on your person should hang away from the body.
  • Notify library staff of any problem with the facility, machines, or other users in the space as soon as you notice them.
  • Obey all posted safety signage.
  • Do not attempt maintenance or repair work on running equipment.
  • Do not use equipment you are not authorized to use, trained on, and comfortable using.
  • Immediately obtain first aid for any injury and report to library staff, no matter how minor.
  • Do not leave machines running unattended. The exception is 3D printers, but if you are a certified Maker we also recommend that you check back periodically to monitor your print progress and catch errors and jams.
  • Do not attempt to stop running equipment with any part of your body.
  • Be aware of all equipment around you, especially moving parts.
  • Check that all pieces and tooling are properly secured before operating equipment.
  • Only one person should be operating a machine at a time.
  • Ensure that you are working in a properly lit space.
  • Keep floors clean–any spills or tripping hazards should be removed in an appropriate manner immediately.
  • This is a shared space. Please leave yourself ample time to tidy the space after you have completed your project, and remove any trash or project scraps. Don’t leave them for the next person.

Eligible User Policy

Makerspace is a place for the NAIT community to collaborate, learn, and explore. The equipment can only be used by current staff and students.