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Video & Streaming Media: Free Online Video Collections

Free Online Video Collections

The videos located from the following list of websites can be accessed by anyone at any time without restrictions.  The list is by no means comprehensive, so if there is a website that does not appear in this list, please contact the Library Help Desk and tell us about it!  It is important to pay attention to the type of copyright assigned to an open access resource as the licenses provide varying amounts of protection, ranging from “all rights reserved” (full copyright) to “no rights reserved” (public domain).

Academic Earth
Original videos that are meant to spark intellectual curiosity.
Terms of service

Annenberg Learner
Topics include science, literature and math.  Browse resources by selecting Video Series at the top of the page > Video Programs > Subject > Grade Level.
Legal policy

BioInteractive from Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Medical topics include biodiversity, evolution, stem cells, obesity, cancer, and DNA.

Critical Commons
Repository of user-generated media that supports the transformative reuse of media in scholarly and creative contexts.
Terms of service 

Global Shakespeares
Archive of Shakespeare productions from around the world.

Internet Archive Movie Archive
Films, documentaries, and recorded commercials categorized in sub-collections, some of which are Cultural & Academic Films  and Prelinger Archives.

Khan Academy
Lessons and lectures on a wide variety of subjects such as math, science, economics & finance.  Includes content  from various partners such as Stanford School of Medicine and  California Academy of Sciences.

Episodes of many PBS shows, including American Experience, Frontline and NOVA.
Terms of use

Full-length documentary films, with topics ranging broadly from science, health and the environment.
Terms of use

TED Talks
Topics such as technology, design, science, business, and global issues.
TED Talks Usage Policy

Search the Creative Commons landing page to browse and search for videos that have a CC license.

YouTube Education
Popular educational videos on YouTube.
Terms of use

YouTube Harvard Business Review
Ideas, insights, and tools leaders need to become better managers.
Terms of use

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