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Microsoft Word Help: Table of Contents


Note: These instructions apply to Microsoft Word 2013. For information about earlier versions, go to Microsoft Office Support and search.


  1. When working on your assignment, add headings for each section you want to appear on your Table of Contents. You’ll find the “headings” at the top of your Word document:

  2. Click (place the cursor) where you want your Table of Contents. Open the “References” tab at the top of the page and choose “Table of Contents” on the far left.

  3. Any headings you’ve already made will appear in your Table of Contents. When/if you add new headings, update your Table of Contents so they appear.

The appearance and position of your headings in the Table of Contents will depend on the Heading type you’ve chosen. For example, Heading 1 is a “main heading” style, whereas Heading 2 and Heading 3 will appear as subheadings. 


  1. When/if you add new headings, you’ll need to update your Table of Contents so they appear. To update your Table of Contents, click on "Contents" and look for the “Update Table” option.

  2. Click “Update Table.” Then, choose to either “Update page numbers only" OR "Update entire table." 


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