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Getting Started

This webpage outlines the cutting, milling, and engraving equipment currently available for use in Makerspace. To become a certified user and to access training resources, please complete our online certification workshops

Vinyl Cutter

Graphtec CE6000
Use our Graphtec CE6000 vinyl cutter to create and design stickers and decals. Running an event or jumping into a startup? Vinyl cutter adhesives are a great way to show off a logo or create eye-catching decorations and signage.

CNC Milling

The Carvey is a desktop CNC Mill that simplifies 3D carving. Milling begins with a solid block of material (such as wood or plastic), and uses cylindrical milling bits to carve material away. 


Laser Engraving

Full Spectrum Laser
A CO2 laser is able to cut and engrave on most non-metallic materials. In the NAIT Library Makerspace, we use the Full Spectrum Laser Pro-Series 20x12 laser cutter. You can engrave from a wide variety of computer programs: CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Inkscape, MS Word and MS Paint are all supported. 


All equipment is free to use. You can purchase materials from us or bring in your own. Find out more about appropriate materials in the Moodle certification courses. 

Material costs: 

Vinyl Cutter

The cost for vinyl is $5.00 per square foot.

Please note - vinyl can only be purchased by the square foot, with 12"X12" as a minimum size. 

Laser Engraver & CNC Mill

Please email us for available material and pricing: