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Getting Started


Want to use an AV Sound Editing booth? Here's what you need to do:

  1. Read our guide below and determine whether you are an eligible user.
  2. Book a booth.
  3. Visit the Library Help Desk at the start of your booked time - staff will check the booth out to you and unlock the door.

The content in the boxes below covers booking and access in greater detail, as well as specific hardware/software availability.


Want to record yourself giving a lecture or presentation, either for practice or for easy sharing online? Book a time in our presentation recording room. It's very simple to use. Visit this page to find out more and book your time slot. 

Book a Booth

Both AV Sound Editing booths are bookable by students and staff. You can find availability and booking information here. 

Only current NAIT student and staff members are able to book a booth. If you are working on a project with a member of the public, it is your responsibility to arrive first and go through the booth checkout process with library staff - we will not be able to give them access to the booth without you.

Booths are locked when not in use – check in with the library service desk for access. Drop-in use is not currently permitted, but if you stop by and a booth is free, you can use one of our computer stations to book on the spot. Booked spaces will be held for you for 15 minutes past the reserved time. Please cancel your booking if you’re not going to use the space.

To gain full administrative access on the booth computers, the library staff member who unlocks the sound booth for you will also ensure the computer is logged into under an admin account. With admin access, you are able to install relevant software that may assist you with your projects. Please view our computer policy for additional information.


Software & Hardware

Makerspace has two A/V Sound Editing Booths. Our smaller booth (U310L) seats up to two people as long as they don't mind being cosy; the larger sound booth (U310K) can fit up to four. Both booths use iMacs.

Available hardware includes:

  • Control board (CP300-Wave: available only in U310K)
  • True colour monitor (Dreamcolor Z27: available only in U310K)
  • Monitor calibrator (i1 Display Pro: available only in U310K)
  • Keyboard and midi controller (Akai MPK249)
  • USB AV input
  • Speakers (available only in U310K)
  • Pro headphones (Sony)
  • Pro microphones (audio-technica)

Available software includes:

  • Adobe Suite (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects)
  • Final Cut Pro
  • iMovie
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Divinci Resolve
  • Logic Pro X
  • Garage Band
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Audacity

Green Screens

There are green screens available in the library. One is located in U310B and one is available in the library's collaboration room: U310H. For more information on the collaboration rooms and booking time in them, please visit the collaboration room guide.


Loanable Technology

The library loans out a variety of technology that you can bring home or take into the AV Editing Sound Booths. This includes microphones, headphones, a Yamaha Pacifica guitar, cameras, presentation aids, and adapters and cables. Please visit the library's loanable technology guide for more information.

Looking for Media Content?

Visit the library's guide to Creative Commons/Public Domain sound and video for freely available resources you can download and use in your creative projects.