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Project Printing & Finishing: Makerspace printing

3D Printing

Self-service printing (after you have completed our online certification workshop)

Cost for 3D printing is per gram of filament used: $0.15/gram.
Cost for 3D printing is per gram of resin used: $1.00/gram. 

See for more information about 3D Printing.

We no longer provide full-service 3D printing

Vinyl Cutter/Printing

You can design and cut your own stickers, decals or other adhesive decorations. There is no fee to use the vinyl cutter.See for more information about vinyl cutting.

Visit the Help Desk to purchase these vinyl sheets. 

 Material type  Size   Cost 
 Vinyl in various colours*  per square foot  $5.00

* blue, black, gold, green, navy, red, silver, white, yellow

Visit the Help Desk to print your design on vinyl and cut it out using the vinyl cutter.

Material type  Size (inches)  Cost per linear foot
Printing on vinyl   24 width  $18.00 (min.)