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Library Recording Room: Home

Library Recording Room, 3rd floor (U310B)

This easy-to-use room records audio and video for presentations, lectures, meetings or anything else you'd like.

Library Recording Room

Book the Library Recording Room by filling out this form. When it's time, stop by the Library Help Desk and check out the high powered USB stick.


Steps to use the recording equipment:

1. Check out the high powered USB stick You can get it from the library help desk.
2. Check the camera is on There's a small black camera control box mounted to the wall at the back of the room. Check the light is green. If not, slide up the power switch on the side of the box. 
3. Turn on the TV display On the control panel at the front of the room, press Display On.
4. Insert USB Below the control panel, there is a box with space for the USB. Plug it in and wait until the LED light is solid green.
5. Press record When you're ready, press record on the control panel. There is a 5 second delay before the recording starts. The LED is flashing when the camera is recording.
6. Press stop When you're finished recording, press stop on the control panel. The LED will flicker red while your video is processing.
7. Press F1 to eject USB

After processing, the LED will return to solid green. Then, hit F1 on the black box beside the USB to eject. The TV display will read "please wait," then, "successfully ejected," then, you can remove the USB.

Using the Smart Board:

1. Turn the Smart Board on with the power button you see above.

2. You do not need to log into the Smart Board, but you can log into your email or OneDrive if you want to grab your documents from there. Note: you can't download or save anything on the Smart Board.

 If you're using a laptop with the Smart Board:

3. The HDMI 1 cord comes out of the wall by the control panel and USB box. You can plug that into your laptop.

*If your laptop does not have an HDMI input, put your documents in the cloud or in your email, then check out a laptop from the library help desk. The library's laptops have HDMI inputs.

4. Press the arrow button you see above and go to HDMI 1. Your laptop screen should appear.

The smart board is flashing when it's displayed on the TV Monitor:

- This means the brightness is too low.

- Press the button with 3 lines on the Smart Board control panel (bottom right corner of Smart Board). A menu will appear.

- Go to Advanced > Brightness and volume > Brightness > Manual > and turn up the brightness to full. This should solve the issue.

The TV monitor displays a "No Signal" warning after you turn it and the USB/LED box on:

- This means the input on the TV is incorrect.

- Press the button at the bottom center of the TV monitor, then select the plug icon for input, then select HDMI 2.

If you encounter an issue, go to the Library Help Desk and/or email

When you're done, sign into NAIT's Panopto account to upload and share your video! There is a web editor that will allow you edit your video in the cloud, and share settings that will provide you with links and embed codes for easy sharing.